247 Energy Shots and 247 Energy Drinks are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Not recommended for children, pregnant and nursing women as well as individuals sensitive to caffeine. Please consume under the instruction. Limit caffeine products to avoid nervousness, sleeplessness and occasional rapid heartbeat.

 Individual results may vary.

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Hong Kong | China | Taiwan | Asia            info@247energydrink.com


We started from Hong Kong — Asia’s Stressed-Out City


We want to create a convenient and result-effective Natural Energy Drink Product for the Hongkongers and Expats. Days and nights, we see walking zombies on the street of Hong Kong and around the world. People are living and working in a Modern Concrete Jungle, fighting for their survival. We need to be competitive and be ready 247.


After studied similar products from Japan, United State, and Europe, we developed our own version of Energy Supplement Drink - 247 Energy Shot. We combine Asian Remedy Ginseng with Caffeine,  Taurine, and Vitamin B Complex.


About 1 USD, 247 Energy Shot gives you a quick kick and boost your performances for hours.


We manufacture all our products in Hong Kong under the government guidelines and food regulations. We currently distribute difference versions of 247 Energy Shots in Hong Kong. And able to ship them worldwide. Please consult our customer service for details.

"Hongkongers work an average of 2,300 hours each year — well eclipsing the average of 1,700 hours per annum of other developed countries. "

Hong Kong Census and Statistics Department


Real Men Drink Shots, 247!


We combine Asian Remedy Ginseng with Caffeine,  Taurine, and Vitamin B Complex.


To Achieve the same Energy Effectiveness:

247 Energy Shot
Starbuck Cappuccino Venti
Red Bull

1 Bottle

1.3 Cups

1.8 Cans

6 Calories

190 Calories

160 Calories

Data Sources from 247energdrink.com; Starbuck.com; Redbull.com; caffeineinformer.com, and product prices recorded from 7-11 store Hong Kong and Starbuck Hong Kong. 2017/04/07.

We decide to adopt 200mg caffeine per bottle for 247 Energy Shot. Compare to coffee (150mg per cup), Red Bull (113mg per bottle), and Coke (30mg per can). 247 Energy Shot will provide a more concentrated and powerful solution for daily users.



In 2015 the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) advise that caffeine intakes from all sources up to 400 mg per day and single doses of 200mg do not raise safety concerns for adults.


We advise taking no more than 2 bottles of 247 Energy Shot per day.